Founded in 2012 as a Florida limited liability company, VistaMedia Impressions, LLC is distributor of Visual On Demand Experience Systems (VODXS™)  the NEW Award Nominated Advertising Medium.

VistaMedia Impressions, LLC is currently building its Digital Placed-Based Advertising Network in Miami, Tampa, Panama City-Panama, Dominican Republic, Bogota-Colombia and Aruba-Curacao.

Reach a Captive DMA like never before!

VistaMedia Impressions, LLC is an Interactive Media Company that uses patent pending Disruptive Technology to deliver Digital Placed-Based Advertising via sensor activated  7" Digital LCD screen/faucets installed in public washrooms, at NO COST to Venues.

More than ever, companies are looking to increase revenues by leveraging technologies advancements in advertising.  One such advancement is our VODXS faucet screens that provide "big data and advanced analytics, digital engagement of of customers, digital engagement of employees and partners, automation and digital innovation".

VistaMedia Impressions, LLC is committed to the Eco-Friendly Community. That said, our Partnership extends to the local, regional, national and global community. It is our desire to help preserve our water resource and our environment, for future generations. 

We are proud to offer technology that helps us  ensure the success of this novel endeavor. Our patented VODXS Digital Advertising Faucet technology is engineered to reduce water consumption, by up to 70%!


Hence, our logo is more than just a pretty stylized name. Vista is Blue to signify the vision of a future with plenty of clean and drinkable water. 

Media is Green to signify mother natures' oxygen producing wonders, the vast forests that still remain around the globe, that need and purify this precious water.

The stylized Blue circle with the Arrow in the center represents our Blue Planet  in motion toward progress. The Grey Arrow in the center represents the importance of recycling our life-giving resources.

The VistaMedia's mirror image represents our dependence on water for survival.

Best regards,

Rolando Garcci, President & CEO